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Oregon Higher Education Coordinating Commission House Bill 2525developing standards related to transferability of credits for community colleges and public universities – Master of Public Administration Capstone Project

Capstone Poster

2016 Marion County Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan UpdateCommunity Service Center & Community Planning Workshop, Project Manager

September 2015: Oregon Historic Theaters: Statewide Survey and Needs Assessment


2016 AICP National Award-winning Project for Applied Research

Theater Poster

September 2015: Voluntourism in Thailand

February 2015: Preliminary Oregon Historic Theater Research Pamphlet – Community Planning Workshop

Published Written Work

August 6, 2015: IE3 Global – But Why? For The Elephants, That’s Why

January 23, 2015: Research Project Summary – University of Oregon Community Service Center “Get Your Popcorn Ready”

July 11, 2013: Feature Story – H2OScore & Outpost “Local Green Grocer Raises the Sustainability Bar”

February 16, 2012: Editorial – The Vashon Loop “Team of Young Adults Beautifying Camp Sealth”

June 28, 2011: Feature Story – The Alchemist Weekly “The culture of Corvallis”

June 14, 2011: Cover Story – The Alchemist Weekly “Homeless in Corvallis: we’re in this together”

June 7, 2011: Symposium – “Curb Your Enthusiasm”

May 25, 2011: Cover Story – The Alchemist Weekly “Graffiti: staying alive”

May 17, 2011: Feature Story – The Alchemist Weekly “Planting Seeds for a New Crop”

April 19, 2011: Cover Story – The Alchemist Weekly “Hoo Haa: it’s not just for hippies…anymore”

September 8, 2008: Cover Story – UWM Post “Pantherfest ’08 kicks off school year”


aicplogo.jpg 2016 American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP, APA) National Award-winning Project for Applied Research

Freeman Fellowship

Freeman Foundation Logo

I am a humble yet proud recipient of the 2015 Freeman Fellowship award, which has granted me $6,000 to live/work/study abroad in Southeast Asia.

This scholarship allowed me to work with the Save Elephant Foundation in Chiang Mai, Thailand and Siem Reap, Cambodia to help with administrative and organizational duties, facilitate tourism, promote the organization through video production and marketing materials, increase fundraising efforts, and coordinate volunteerism.

“The Freeman Foundation’s major objectives include strengthening the bonds of friendship between the United States and countries of East and Southeast Asia. Through education and educational exchanges, the Foundation hopes to develop a greater appreciation of Asian cultures, histories and economies in the United States and a better understanding of the American people and of American institutions and purposes by the peoples of Asia.”

Student Sustainability Fund Grant


I co-founded a food justice group on the University of Oregon campus, titled Just Food, and we applied for a grant from the Office of Sustainability titled, “The Student Sustainability Fund” that distributes $35,000 annually. We applied for, and were granted, $2,570 to further the progress of our mission and strengthen our group.

Public Service Awards

In 2012, I received the President’s Volunteer Service Award and the Corps Member of the Round Award due to my dedication to service – more than 1,800 hours for the year.

I have also created an award-winning video for Woodlake Elementary School in a Twin Rivers Unified School District video contest. This allowed many of the low-income and homeless students to attend a roller skating party for free, paid for entirely by the school district including transportation.

Ken Burns & myself on the set of Oregon Public Broadcasting’s Think Out Loud.

Essay Contest

I have won several writing contests, such as this essay contest in response to digital literacy.

Unique Talents

I also like to have fun and experience as much as humanly possible. I have been crowned champion in many unique contests, such as:
  • 2014 Braise Raw Garlic Eating Champion
  • 2013 Braise Raw Garlic Eating Champion
  • 2009 Qdoba Burrito Eating Champion
  • 2004 Long Drive Contest Winner
  • 2003 Tony Hawk Pro Skater Champion
  • 1998 Tomahawk Throwing Champion

Video Work

Save Elephant Foundation – Chiang Mai, Thailand

Elephant Nature Park – Supporting Education 

Elephant Crossfit

Volunteer in Thailand Elephant Nature Park

Ele Messi

Elephant Facial Examination

Baby Elephant Play and Run

Elephants Playing and Falling

Elephants Playing With Enrichment Toy

Baby Elephant Navann and His Toy

University of Oregon Community Service Center – Oregon Historic Theaters Research Project

University of Oregon – School of Architecture & Allied Arts Donor “Thank You” Video

MyCityVideos e-report on the Corvallis Red White and Blue Festival

Me on MTV True Life

Click for the video!

2012 Lindsay Meyer Teen Institute Leadership Conference

AmeriCorps*VISTA Community Service Interview


AmeriCorps NCCC Community Service Celebration Videos